Porcelain Crown and Bridge

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns are placed when you have a cracked or damaged tooth, when a filling is not the optimal solution or if a tooth needs lengthening to improve your smile.  The color, size, shape, and unique features are made to match your current teeth or if cosmetic changes is the goal, may be done to improve the look of the tooth.  The crown is made in the lab and is customized to you and your smile.  They can be placed on existing teeth or on implants.  Due to its superior strength, crowns are a healthy option for restoring your tooth.  If you maintain the health of your mouth and limit biting hard things such as your fingernails or chewing on ice, your porcelain crown and bridge can last a long time.  Brushing and flossing regularly and getting regular cleanings twice a year will help prevent decay and gum disease.

Porcelain Bridge

Porcelain bridges are used to:

  • maintain the shape of the face when there are missing teeth
  • maintain space when there are missing teeth
  • improve a bite so that proper chewing and speaking can be done

A bridge replaces multiple missing teeth.  It is made of porcelain and is anchored in the mouth to crowns or natural teeth on each side.   Dr. Lee and the lab will discuss your specific case and determine what the best look for your bridge should be.  Several visits to Dr. Lee will complete your procedure and after it is placed, you will have a healthier, brighter smile.